tlog-play.conf - Man Page

tlog-play configuration file


tlog-play.conf is a JSON-format configuration file for tlog-play program. Contrary to the strict JSON specification, both C and C++ style comments are allowed in the file.

The file must contain a single JSON object with the objects and fields described below. Some of them are optional and assume a default value. Those that do require a value can still be omitted and specified to tlog-play via command-line options.

Objects and Fields

Root object

reader (string)

The type of "log reader" to use for retrieving log messages. The chosen reader needs to be configured using its own dedicated parameters.

One of: "file", "journal", "es"
Default: "file"

file (object)

File reader object, see below.

es (object)

Elasticsearch reader object, see below.

journal (object)

Systemd journal reader object, see below.

persist (boolean)

If true, ignore any keyboard-generated signals and the quit key.

Default: false

lax (boolean)

If true, ignore missing (dropped, or lost) log messages. Otherwise report an error and abort when a message is missing.

Default: false

file - File reader object

path (string)

The path to the file the "file" reader should read logs from.

No default.

match (string)

The recording id of the recording the "file" reader should seek to for playback.

No default.

es - Elasticsearch reader object

baseurl (string)

The base URL to request Elasticsearch through. Should not contain query (?...) or fragment (#...) parts.

No default.

query (string)

The query string to send to Elasticsearch

No default.

verbose (boolean)

If true, enable verbose output on Elasticsearch HTTP client.

Default: false


A configuration specifying only the reader:
    "reader": "file"
A configuration specifying Elasticsearch reader, along with the base URL.
    "reader": "es"
    "es" : {
        "baseurl": "http://localhost:9200/tlog/tlog/_search"

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