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timersdone.conf - Man Page

list of current timers created by search timers


This file contains the current timers that were created by search timers. If the setup option 'Recreate timers after deletion' is set to 'no', epgsearch uses this list to determine if a timer was already created and cancels further timer creations. If a corresponding recording was made for any timer in this list, the timer is automatically removed from it.


Timers are stored one per line, where the fields are separated with ':'.

The following fields exists:

  1 - channel-ID
  2 - start time
  3 - stop time
  4 - search timer ID
  5 - event title
  6 - event episode

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Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>

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2024-04-12 perl v5.38.2 Epgsearch Version 2.4.1