taskdrc man page

taskdrc — Configuration details for the taskd(1) server

Configuration Variables

Valid variable names and their default values are:

Fully qualified path to the CA certificate. Optional.
List of GnuTLS ciphers to use. Default is "NORMAL". See your GnuTLS documentation for full details.
Determines whether certain commands are confirmed. Defaults to on.
Fully qualified path of the client cert. This is used by the 'client' command.
Logs debugging information.
GnuTLS log level, an integer from 0 to 9, where 0 means no logging, and 9 means sensitive data leaks. Caution!
Fully qualified path of the Taskserver extension scripts. Currently there are none.
Specifies the address family to use. Can be 'IPv4', 'IPv6', or not specified which means 'any'. Default is no value.
Logs the IP addresses of incoming requests.
Fully-qualified path name to the Taskserver log file. Alternately, specifying the value '-' will cause all logging to go to STDOUT. This does not apply when the server is run as a daemon.
Fully-qualified path name to the Taskserver PID file. This is used by the 'taskdctl' script to start/stop the daemon.
Size of the connection backlog. See 'man listen'.
Size limit of incoming requests, in bytes. Use a value of zero '0' to indicate no size limit.
The address (IPv4, IPv6 or DNS) of the Taskserver, followed by a colon and the port number.
Fully qualified path to the server certificate.
Fully qualified path to the server certificate revocation list.
Fully qualified path to the server key.

Trust level of the server, which determines how the client certificates are verified. If the value is 'allow all' then no verification is performed. Defaults to 'strict'.

Note that sending the HUP signal to the Taskserver causes a configuration file reload before the next request is handled.

Environment Variables

Environment variables provide values that would otherwise be required at the command line.

Most command require either '--data <root>' or this environment variable. If both are provided, the command line overrides the environment.

Credits & Copyrights

Copyright (C) 2012 - 2015, Göteborg Bit Factory.

Taskserver is distributed under the MIT license. See http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-… for more information.

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For more information regarding Taskserver, see the following:

The official site at
The official code repository at
You can contact the project by emailing

Reporting Bugs

Bugs in Taskserver may be reported to the issue-tracker at

Referenced By

taskd(1), taskdctl(1).

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