sxfcgi.conf man page

sxfcgi.conf — configuration file for sx.fcgi


The file contains configuration options for sx.fcgi(8)


When a given option is not present in the configuration file, a default setting will be used.

If this option is set, sx.fcgi will not daemonize.
socket SOCKET
Set socket for connection with httpd.
socket-mode MODE
Set socket mode to MODE (octal number; unix sockets only).
data-dir PATH
Path to the local storage directory.
logfile FILE
Write all log information to FILE.
pidfile FILE
Write process ID to FILE.
ssl_ca FILE
Path to SSL CA certificate.
children N
Start N children processes. The default is 32 - the value can be decreased if the server doesn't handle large amount of connections in order to limit memory usage.
run-as user[:group]
Run as a specified user and group.
Enable debug messages
gc-interval SECONDS
Set how ofteh to run the garbage collector, the default value is 3600 seconds (1 hour).



Further Documentation

Full documentation with additional examples available at: <>

See Also

sx.fcgi(8), sxadm(8), sxsetup(8)

Referenced By

sx.fcgi(8), sxreport-server(8), sxsetup(8), sxsim(1).

April 2015 sx.fcgi 2.3 Skylable SX Manual