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swtpm-localca.conf - Man Page

Configuration file for swtpm_localca


The file /etc/swtpm-localca.conf contains configuration variables for the swtpm_localca program.

Entries may contain environment variables that will be resolved. All environment variables must be formatted like this: '${varname}'.

Users may write their own configuration into ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/swtpm-localca.conf or if XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set it may be in ${HOME}/.config/swtpm-localca.conf.

The following configuration variables are supported:


The name of a directory where to store data into. A lock will be created in this directory.


The file containing the key used for signing the certificates. Provide a key in PEM format or a pkcs11 URI.


The password to use for the signing key.


The file containing the certificate for this CA. Provide a certificate in PEM format.


The name of file containing the serial number for the next certificate.

The serial number must be a decimal number and must be representable with 20 bytes or less. Once 21 bytes are used a new random serial number with 20 decimal digits will be created.


This variable can be set to the host where tcsd is running on in case the signing key is a GnuTLS TPM 1.2 key. By default localhost will be used.


This variable can be set to the port on which Ā tcsd is listening for connections. By default port 30003 will be used.

env:<environment variable name=<value>>

Environment variables, that are needed by pkcs11 modules, can be set using this format. An example for such an environment variable may look like this:

    env:MY_MODULE_PKCS11_CONFIG = /tmp/mymodule-pkcs11.conf

The line must not contain any trailing spaces.


An example swtpm-localca.conf file may look as follows:

 statedir = /var/lib/swtpm_localca
 signingkey = /var/lib/swtpm_localca/signkey.pem
 issuercert = /var/lib/swtpm_localca/issuercert.pem
 certserial = /var/lib/swtpm_localca/certserial

With a PKCS11 URI it may look like this:

 statedir = /var/lib/swtpm-localca
 signingkey = pkcs11:model=SoftHSM%20v2;manufacturer=SoftHSM%20project;serial=891b99c169e41301;token=mylabel;id=%00;object=mykey;type=public
 issuercert = /var/lib/swtpm-localca/swtpm-localca-tpmca-cert.pem
 certserial = /var/lib/swtpm-localca/certserial
 SWTPM_PKCS11_PIN = 1234

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Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to Stefan Berger <stefanb@linux.vnet.ibm.com>


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