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srec_ti_txt - Man Page

Texas Instruments ti-txt (MSP430) file format


The ti-TXT format is used by the Texas Instruments MSP430 familty programming adapter.

The TI-TXT hex format supports 16-bit hexadecimal data.  It consists of one or more sections, followed by the end-of-file indicator.

Each section consistes of an at (@) sign followed a execution start address (in hexadecimal), and newline, and then data bytes (in hexadecimal).  The section address is followed by a newline. There are to be 16 data bytes per line, except for the last line in a section.

The end-of-file indicator is the letter q followed by a newline. The end-of-file indicator mandatory.

Size Multiplier

In general, binary data will expand in sized by approximately 3.0 times when represented with this format.


Here is an example ti-txt file taken from the reference below:

31 40 00 03 B2 40 80 5A 20 01 D2 D3 22 00 D2 E3
21 00 3F 40 E8 FD 1F 83 FE 23 F9 3F
00 F0

See Also

http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/slau101, section A.2. Note: the portion which says addresses must be even, and the number of data bytes in a section must be even, is wrong.


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Referenced By

srec_cat(1), srec_input(1).

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