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srec_idt - Man Page

IDT/sim binary file format


This format comes from Integrated Device Technology (IDT) System Integration Manager (IDT/sim).

It is almost identical to the Motorola S-Record format, except that most of each record is in binary, and there is no line termination character. The 'S' and tag characters are the same (ascii), however all other bytes are emitted as binary, rather than as a 2-byte hexadecimal ascii encoding.

See Also


The orginal Motorola S-Record format.


For a different spin on making S-Record into a more densely packed binary file.


Scott FinneranE-Mail:scottfinneran@yahoo.com.au
Peter MillerE-Mail:pmiller@opensource.org.au

Referenced By

srec_cat(1), srec_input(1).

SRecord Reference Manual