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slapo-allop - Man Page

All Operational Attributes overlay




The All Operational Attributes overlay is designed to allow slapd to interoperate with dumb clients that expect all attributes, including operational ones, to be returned when "*" or an empty attribute list is requested, as opposed to RFC2251 and RFC3673.


These slapd.conf options apply to the All Operational overlay. They should appear after the overlay directive and before any subsequent database directive.

allop-URI <ldapURI>

Specify the base and the scope of search operations that trigger the overlay. By default, it is "ldap:///??base", i.e. it only applies to the rootDSE. This requires the overlay to be instantiated as global.


default behavior: only affects requests to the rootDSE

        # global
        overlay         allop

affects all requests

        # global
        overlay         allop
        allop-URI       "ldap:///??sub"

affects only requests directed to the suffix of a database

        # per database
        database        mdb
        suffix          "dc=example,dc=com"
        # database specific directives ...
        overlay         allop
        allop-URI       "ldap:///dc=example,dc=com??base"



default slapd configuration file

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This module was written in 2005 by Pierangelo Masarati for SysNet s.n.c.


2024/05/21 OpenLDAP 2.6.8