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slapd-dnssrv - Man Page

DNS SRV referral backend to slapd




The DNSSRV backend to slapd(8) serves up referrals based upon SRV resource records held in the Domain Name System.

This backend is experimental.


The DNSSRV backend has no backend nor database specific options. It is configured simply by "database dnssrv" followed a suffix directive, e.g. suffix "".

Access Control

The dnssrv backend does not honor all ACL semantics as described in slapd.access(5). In fact, this backend only implements the search operation when the manageDSAit control (RFC 3296) is used, otherwise for every operation a referral, whenever appropriate, or an error is returned. Currently, there is no means to condition the returning of the referral by means of ACLs; no access control is implemented, except for read (=r) access to the returned entries, which is actually provided by the frontend. Note, however, that the information returned by this backend is collected through the DNS, so it is public by definition.



default slapd configuration file

See Also

"OpenLDAP Root Service - An experimental LDAP referral service" [RFC 3088],
"OpenLDAP LDAP Root Service" <http://www.openldap.org/faq/?file=393)>,
slapd.conf(5), slapd(8)

Referenced By


2024/05/21 OpenLDAP 2.6.8