sge_request man page

sge_request — Sun Grid Engine default request definition file format


sge_request reflects the format of the files to define default request profiles. If available, default request files are read and processed during job submission before any submit options embedded in the job script and before any options in the qsub(1) or qsh(1) command-line are considered. Thus, the command-line and embedded script options may overwrite the settings in the default request files (see qsub(1) or qsh(1) for details).

There is a cluster global, a user private and a working directory local default request definition file. The working directory local default request file has the highest precedence and is followed by the user private and then the cluster global default request file.

Note, that the -clear option to qsub(1) or qsh(1) can be used to discard any previous settings at any time in a default request file, in the embedded script flags or in a qsub(1) or qsh(1) command-line option.

The format of the default request definition files is:


The following is a simple example of a default request definition file:

# Default Requests File

# request group to be sun4 and a CPU-time of 5hr
-l arch=sun4,s_cpu=5:0:0

# don't restart the job in case of system crashes
-r n

Having defined a default request definition file like this and submitting a job as follows:


would have precisely the same effect as if the job was submitted with:

qsub -l arch=sun4,s_cpu=5:0:0 -r n


	global defaults file
$HOME/.sge_request	user private defaults file
$cwd/.sge_request	cwd directory defaults file

See Also

sge_intro(1), qsh(1), qsub(1), Sun Grid Engine Installation and Administration Guide

Referenced By

drmaa_attributes(3), submit(1).

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