sge_qstat man page

sge_qstat — Sun Grid Engine default qstat file format


sge_qstat defines the command line switches that will be used by qstat by default. If available, the default sge_qstat file is read and processed by  qstat(1).

There is a cluster global and a user private sge_qstat file. The user private file has the highest precedence and is  followed by the cluster global  sge_qstat file. Command line switches used with  qstat(1) override all switches contained in the user private or cluster global  sge_qstat file.

The format of the default files is:


The following is a simple example of a default sge_qstat file:

# Just show me my own running and suspended jobs
-s rs -u $user

Having defined a default sge_qstat file like this and using qstat  as follows:


has the same effect as if qstat was executed with:

qstat -s rs -u <current_user>


<sge_root>/<cell>/common/sge_qstat global defaults file
$HOME/.sge_qstat	user private defaults file

See Also

sge_intro(1), qstat(1), Sun Grid Engine Installation and Administration Guide

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