sge_aliases man page

sge_aliases — Sun Grid Engine path aliases file format


The Sun Grid Engine path aliasing facility provides administrators and users with the means to reflect complicated and in-homogeneous file system structures in distributed environments (such as user home directories mounted under different paths on different hosts) and to ensure that Sun Grid Engine is able to locate the appropriate working directories for executing batch jobs.

There is a system global path aliasing file and a user local file. sge_aliases defines the format of both:

If the -cwd flag (and only if - otherwise the user's home directory on the execution host is selected to execute the job) to qsub(1) was specified, the path aliasing mechanism is activated and the files are processed as follows:


The following is a simple example of a path aliasing file resolving problems with in-homogeneous paths if automount(8) is used:

# Path Aliasing File
# src-path   sub-host   exec-host   replacement
/tmp_mnt/    *          *           /
# replaces any occurrence of /tmp_mnt/ by /
# if submitting or executing on any host.
# Thus paths on nfs server and clients are the same


	global aliases file
$HOME/.sge_aliases	user local aliases file

See Also

sge_intro(1), qsub(1), Sun Grid Engine Installation and Administration Guide

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