sestatus.conf man page

sestatus.conf — The sestatus(8) configuration file.


The sestatus.conf file is used by the sestatus(8) command with the -v option to determine what file and process security contexts should be displayed.

The fully qualified path name of the configuration file is:


The file consists of two optional sections as described in the File Format section. Whether these exist or not, the following will always be displayed:

The current process context
The init process context
The controlling terminal file context

File Format

The format consists of two optional sections as follows:




The start of the file list block. file_name
One or more fully qualified file names, each on a new line will that will have its context displayed. If the file does not exist, then it is ignored. If the file is a symbolic link, then sestatus -v will also display the target file context.

The start of the process list block. executable_file_name
One or more fully qualified executable file names that should it be an active process, have its context displayed. Each entry is on a new line.


# /etc/sestatus.conf


See Also

selinux(8), sestatus(8)

Referenced By


26-Nov-2011 Security Enhanced Linux sestatus configuration file