sane-xerox_mfp man page

sane-xerox_mfp — SANE backend for Xerox Phaser 3200MFP device et al.


The sane-xerox_mfp library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend that provides access to several Samsung-based Samsung, Xerox, and Dell scanners. Please see full list of supported devices at


/etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf USB scanners do not need any configuration.

For SCX-4500W in network mode you need to specify

tcp host_address [port]

The host_address is passed through resolver, thus can be a dotted quad or a name from /etc/hosts or resolvable through DNS.



The backend configuration file. By default all scanner types/models are enabled, you may want to comment out unwanted.


The static library implementing this backend.


The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems that support dynamic loading).


SANE_DEBUG_XEROX_MFP If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this environment variable controls the debug level for this backend.  Higher debug levels increase the verbosity of the output.

Example:  export SANE_DEBUG_XEROX_MFP=4


Multicast autoconfiguration for LAN scanners is not implemented yet. IPv6 addressing never been tested.

Bugs and Support

If you have found a bug or need support please follow open-source way of acquiring support via mail-lists or SANE bug tracker


Alex Belkin <>
Samsung SCX-4500W scan over network support by Alexander Kuznetsov <acca(at)>
Color scanning on Samsung M2870 model and Xerox Cognac 3215 & 3225 models by Laxmeesh Onkar Markod <>

See Also

sane(7), sane-usb(5)

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