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rpm-ostreed.conf - Man Page

rpm-ostree daemon configuration file




This file configures the rpm-ostree daemon.


All options are configured in the "[Daemon]" section. Available options are:


Controls the automatic update policy. Currently "none", "check", "stage", "apply". "none" disables automatic updates. "check" downloads just enough metadata to check for updates and display them in rpm-ostree status. Defaults to "none". The rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer(8) unit determines the actual frequency of updates.

The "stage" policy downloads and unpacks the update, queuing it for the next boot. This leaves initiating a reboot to other automation tools. Only a small amount of work is left to be performed at shutdown time via the ostree-finalize-staged.service systemd unit.

Finally, the "apply" policy will currently always initiate a reboot. However, in the future it may apply userspace-only fixes without a physical reboot. Any reboots initiated via rpm-ostree will default to honoring active systemd inhibitors. For example, to temporarily suppress automatic "apply" updates while debugging a system, you can use systemd-inhibit bash; exiting the shell will lift the inhibitor.


Controls the time in seconds of inactivity before the daemon exits. Use 0 to disable auto-exit. Defaults to 60.


Controls whether any mutation of the base OSTree commit is supported (for example, package overlays or overrides, initramfs overlays or regeneration). Defaults to false.


Enabling the automatic updates "check" policy is a two step process. First, edit /etc/rpm-ostreed.conf to include AutomaticUpdatePolicy=check and then use rpm-ostree reload to reload the rpm-ostreed service. Next, enable the timer using systemctl enable rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer --now

When successful, the output from rpm-ostree status will display output similar to the following:

    $ rpm-ostree status
    State: idle; auto updates enabled (check; last run 22min ago)

See Also

rpm-ostree(1) rpm-ostreed-automatic.service(8) rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer(8)

Referenced By

rpm-ostree(1), rpm-ostreed-automatic.service(8).