rpm-ostreed.conf - Man Page

rpm-ostree daemon configuration file




This file configures the rpm-ostree daemon.


All options are configured in the "[Daemon]" section. Available options are:


Controls the automatic update policy. Currently "none", "check", or "stage". "none" disables automatic updates. "check" downloads just enough metadata to check for updates and display them in rpm-ostree status. Defaults to "none". The rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer(8) unit determines the actual frequency of updates.

Finally, the "stage" policy downloads and unpacks the update, performing any package layering. Only a small amount of work is left to be performed at shutdown time via the ostree-finalize-staged.service systemd unit.


Controls the time in seconds of inactivity before the daemon exits. Use 0 to disable auto-exit. Defaults to 60.


Enabling the automatic updates "check" policy is a two step process. First, edit /etc/rpm-ostreed.conf to include AutomaticUpdatePolicy=check and then use rpm-ostree reload to reload the rpm-ostreed service. Next, enable the timer using systemctl enable rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer --now

When successful, the output from rpm-ostree status will display output similar to the following:

    $ rpm-ostree status
    State: idle; auto updates enabled (check; last run 22min ago)

See Also

rpm-ostree(1) rpm-ostreed-automatic.service(8) rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer(8)

Referenced By

rpm-ostree(1), rpm-ostreed-automatic.service(8).