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rotatebysize.conf - Man Page

rotate configuration file


The rotatebysize.conf file has logrotate directives and is included in the ncid logrotate file. The rotatebyzise.conf, file is used to determine minimum size needed to rotate the cidcall.log file.

The rotatebyzise.conf file understands 3 types of lines:

blank line


comment line, beginning with '#'


directive [argument]

There are two directives but you can add others.


minsize 1
#minsize 110000

If you want the call log to rotate each month, keep the defaults.

If you want the call log to grow large without rotation, add a # to the biginning of the minsize 1 line and remove the # from the #minsize 110000 line.

If you want the file to grow bigger than 110000, change the number, but minsize must be less than 100000000 (LOGMAXIMUM).

If you want to compress the rotated file, remove the # from the #compress line


Rotate the call file monthly:
   minsize 1
   #minsize 110000

Do not rotate the call file until it is at least 110000 bytes
   #minsize 1
   minsize 110000


logrotate ‐ rotates, compresses and mails system logs



See Also

logrotate(8), ncidrotate(1), ncidrotate.conf(5)

Referenced By

ncidrotate(1), ncidrotate.conf(5).