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rolekit.roles.memcache — rolekit Memory Cache Server Role Documentation


The Memory Cache Server Role provides a high-performance memory object caching system useful for speeding up web applications by reducing database updates.


The Memory Cache Server role can be deployed using the rolectl command-line utility or through the rolekit D-BUS API. When using the rolectl tool, a settings file must be created in the JSON format unless you intend to take only the default options.

The Memory Cache Server role will run inside a Docker-managed container on the system.

Mandatory Settings

These settings must always be present or the deployment will be unable to complete.

All settings for the Memory Cache Server Role are optional.

Optional Settings

This section provides a list of optional settings for deployment.


The size of the cache's object storage in MiB.

Default: 25% of available memory or 1024 MiB, whichever is smaller.


The maxmimum number of client connections that can be served simultaneously.

Default: 1024


The number of threads to run to process connections. It is recommended to leave this at four without good reasons. Rolekit will refuse to set this value higher than the number of virtual CPUs on the system.

Default: 4

Example Settings.JSON

    "cache_size": 256,
    "connections": 1024,
    "threads": 4

See Also

rolekit(1), rolectl(1), roled(5), rolekit.dbus(5), rolekit.roles(5), rolekit.roles.databaseserver(5), rolekit.roles.domaincontroller(5)


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