rn2ncid.conf - Man Page

rn2ncid configuration file


The rn2ncid.conf file contains the configuration information for rn2ncid.

The rn2ncid.conf file understands 3 types of lines:

blank line


comment line, beginning with '#'



VALUE can contain spaces if it is between quotes.

See rn2ncid.conf for all default values.


verbose = level

Level is in the range 1-9. Not all verbose levels are used.

HostnameFlag = value

Value is 0 or 1.  Includes hostname in the IDENT string if 1.

ncidaddr = host address

The NCID server host address can be an IP address or a resolvable host name.

ncidport = port

The NCID server port number.

delay = seconds

If the connection to the NCID server is lost, this specifies the number of seconds between reconnection attempts.

cellport = port

The listen port as specified in the Remote Notifier application.

reject = from address[,from address][,from address]...

SMS and MMS messages usually have a 'from' address and depending on  the carrier this could be a number or an email address. Specify a comma separated list of addresses that will NOT be transmitted by the NCID  server to all listening NCID clients. This is used to prevent endless  loops which could result in excessively high data or text charges by your cell phone carrier.

Remote Notifier sends the 'from' address in its 'data' (fifth) field. See Notes below.

An example of an endless loop would be:

To prevent this endless loop, suppose you have ncid-page.conf configured to send SMS messages to your cell 'from' your email address of: johndoe@yahoo.com

You might want to set 'reject' to be:

reject = johndoe@yahoo.com


Remote Notifier sends six pieces of information:


Set the NCID server IP address:

ncidaddr =

Set the Remote Notifier listen port

cellport = 10600

Reject SMS/MMS messages to manage text blocking

reject = 9999

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