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rktime.conf - Man Page

configuration file for rktime (1)


The file rktime.conf contains variables to override default settings of the rktime utility.  The file rktime.conf is optional. Typically this would be used to change the default set of timezones displayed.

rktime.conf is located in the /etc directory.

The file must only be owned by root or bin,  must only be associated with group root or group bin.  It should not have others write or others execute permission set.

To set a new set of timezones to display, a line like the  following should be set

ZONES="US/Pacific US/Eastern UTC Europe/London"

rktime also provides for users to have a file named .rktime.conf in their home directories.  A user's individual settings override the global settings.  The format of .rktime.conf is the same as rktime.conf.

The following three variables can be set to change the default colors used.




Valid color settings are BLACK, RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, PURPLE, CYAN, and WHITE.

By default, offsets from UTC are not shown.  To show these, time offsets, set:


By default, color is used.  To change the default to off, set:


By default, the time format used is 24 hour time.  To change this to 12 hour time, set:


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G. Richard Keech (rkeech@rehdat.com)

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