registries.conf man page

registries.conf — Syntax of System Registry Configuration File


The REGISTRIES configuration file is a system-wide configuration file for container image registries. The file format is TOML.


The TOML_format is used to build simple list format for registries under two categories: search and insecure. You can list multiple registries using as a comma separated list.

Search registries are used when the caller of a container runtime does not fully specify the container image that they want to execute.  These registries are prepended onto the front
of the specified container image until the named image is found at a registry.

Insecure Registries.  By default container runtimes use TLS when retrieving images from a registry.  If the registry is not setup with TLS, then the container runtime will fail to pull images from the registry. If you add the registry to the list of insecure registries then the container runtime will attempt use standard web protocols to pull the image.  It also allows you to pull from a registry with self-signed certificates. Note insecure registries can be used for any registry, not just the registries listed under search.

The following example configuration defines two searchable registries and one insecure registry.

registries = ["", ""]

registries = [""]


Aug 2017, Originally compiled by Brent Baude  ⟨⟩

Referenced By

buildah-bud(1), buildah-commit(1), buildah-from(1), buildah-push(1), crio(8).

System-wide registry configuration file Brent Baude Aug 2017