registries.conf man page

registries.conf — Syntax of Container Registries configuration file


The REGISTRIES configuration file specifies all of the available container registries for tools using shared container registries, but in a TOML format that can be more easily modified and versioned. registries.conf does not support recursive lists of registries. The default location for this configuration file is /etc/containers/registries.conf.

The only valid categories are:, registries.insecure, and registries.block.


The [TOML format][toml] is used as the encoding of the configuration file. Every option and subtable listed here is nested under a global "registries" table. No bare options are used.


registries = ['', '', '', '', '']

# If you need to access insecure registries, add the registry's fully-qualified name.
# An insecure registry is one that does not have a valid SSL certificate or only does HTTP.
registries = ['']

# If you need to block push access from a registry, uncomment the section below
# and add the registries fully-qualified name.
# Docker only
registries = []




March 2018, Originally compiled by Dan Walsh  ⟨⟩

Referenced By

buildah(1), buildah-bud(1), buildah-commit(1), buildah-from(1), buildah-pull(1), buildah-push(1), buildah-rmi(1), crio(8).

Container Registries Configuration File Dan Walsh March 2018