pva-config man page

pva-config — general PHP VOMS-Admin interface configuration


Configauration file for general PHP VOMS-Admin interface settings



Extended Description

Configuration file is the PHP script containing configuration variables:


PHP supports 'C', 'C++' and Unix shell-style comments that can be used in file.

Configuration file contains several configuration variables:


path to directory containing PHP VOMS-Admin web-interface files root

Example: $pva_install_path="/usr/share/pva";


path to trusted CA certificates installation

Example: $ca_certificates_path="/etc/grid-security/certificates";


path to directory for storing e-mail copies; when variable is set e-mail sent to VOMS administrator also stored in the file

Example: $mail_filecopies_path="/var/www/pva/mail-copies";


determine how many entries (users, groups, roles, etc) will be shown  simultaneously on the same page during PHP VOMS-Admin output

Example: $items_per_page=10;


set the default numeric permissions applied, when more specific match is  not found in ACL table (see Permissions ). HTTP insecure access is the most common example of lastresort_permissions appliance

Example: $lastresort_permissions = 517;


e-mail address used for sending e-mails from PHP VOMS-Admin

Example: $mail_from = "pva@example.org";


name used for sending e-mails from PHP VOMS-Admin

Example: $mail_from_name = "PHP VOMS Admin";


contact e-mail address of PHP VOMS Admin server administrator

Example: $voms_admin_mail = "admin@example.org";


The following permissions are supported by PHP VOMS-Admin:

Container:Read (1)

view information about groups and roles

Container:Write (2)

view groups membership and roles assignment

Membership:Read (4)

list VO users

Membership:Write (8)

create/modify/delete VO users

ACL:List (16)

view ACLs permissions

ACL:Set (32)

define general ACLs permissions

ACL:Defaults (64)

define default ACLs permissions

Subscription:List (128)

view membership VO requests

Subscription:Define (256)

approve/decline membership requests

Attributes:List (512)

view assigned attributes

Attributes:Manage (1024)

create/assign attributes

Preferences:Read (2048)

view VO preferences options

Preferences:Write (4096)

modify VO preferences options

Permissions numerical decimal values shown in parentheses. Adding numerical values for each allowed action results total ACL numeric permissions.


517 = Container:Read(1) + Membership:Read(4) + Attributes:List(512)

For more information read PHP VOMS-Admin operation manual: http://grid.org.ua/development/pva/?act=manual


Andrii Salnikov <manf@grid.org.ua>

See Also

pva-addvo(1), addvo.conf(5), voms(8)

Referenced By

addvo.conf(5), pva-addvo(1), pva-dbschema-update(1).

2011-06-19 PHP VOMS-Admin version 0.7.0 PVA Users Manual