proc_pid_statm - Man Page

memory usage information



Provides information about memory usage, measured in pages. The columns are:

size       (1) total program size
           (same as VmSize in /proc/pid/status)
resident   (2) resident set size
           (inaccurate; same as VmRSS in /proc/pid/status)
shared     (3) number of resident shared pages
           (i.e., backed by a file)
           (inaccurate; same as RssFile+RssShmem in
text       (4) text (code)
lib        (5) library (unused since Linux 2.6; always 0)
data       (6) data + stack
dt         (7) dirty pages (unused since Linux 2.6; always 0)

Some of these values are inaccurate because of a kernel-internal scalability optimization. If accurate values are required, use /proc/pid/smaps or /proc/pid/smaps_rollup instead, which are much slower but provide accurate, detailed information.

See Also

proc(5), proc_pid_status(5)


2023-08-15 Linux man-pages 6.7