proc_pid_oom_score - Man Page

OOM-killer score


/proc/pid/oom_score (since Linux 2.6.11)

This file displays the current score that the kernel gives to this process for the purpose of selecting a process for the OOM-killer. A higher score means that the process is more likely to be selected by the OOM-killer. The basis for this score is the amount of memory used by the process, with increases (+) or decreases (-) for factors including:

  • whether the process is privileged (-).

Before Linux 2.6.36 the following factors were also used in the calculation of oom_score:

  • whether the process creates a lot of children using fork(2) (+);
  • whether the process has been running a long time, or has used a lot of CPU time (-);
  • whether the process has a low nice value (i.e., > 0) (+); and
  • whether the process is making direct hardware access (-).

The oom_score also reflects the adjustment specified by the oom_score_adj or oom_adj setting for the process.

See Also

proc(5), proc_pid_oom_score_adj(5)

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