proc_pid_mountstats - Man Page

mount statistics


/proc/pid/mountstats (since Linux 2.6.17)

This file exports information (statistics, configuration information) about the mounts in the process's mount namespace (see mount_namespaces(7)). Lines in this file have the form:

device /dev/sda7 mounted on /home with fstype ext3 [stats]
(       1      )            ( 2 )             (3 ) (  4  )

The fields in each line are:


The name of the mounted device (or "nodevice" if there is no corresponding device).


The mount point within the filesystem tree.


The filesystem type.


Optional statistics and configuration information. Currently (as at Linux 2.6.26), only NFS filesystems export information via this field.

This file is readable only by the owner of the process.

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