postman man page

postman ā€”

postman is a simple command line working with Amazon AWS, leveraging the boto library.


$ postman -h
usage: postman [-h] [--version] [--verbose]


send an email via Amazon SES

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit


poastman has 6 different commands, in line with the various API calls available for Amazon SES.


verifies an email for sending (and in the case of the sandbox environment for receiving as well)


removes a verified email address from your account


print out a list of all verified email addresses on your account


sends an email, the content of the email is a raw email piped in very stdin, the only option is -f which takes a single email address that the email is sent from, following by 1 or more arguments that are email addresses that are the the destination for the email.


print out the email quota and rate limits for you account


print out the stats for the Amazon SES account