pipewire.conf - Man Page

The PipeWire server configuration file




PipeWire is a service that facilitates sharing of multimedia content between devices and applications.

On startup, the daemon reads a configuration file to configure itself. It executes a series of commands listed in the config file.

The config file in the default location is used but the environment variables PIPEWIRE_CONFIG_DIR, PIPEWIRE_CONFIG_PREFIX and PIPEWIRE_CONFIG_NAME can be used to specify an alternative config directory, subdirectory and file respectively.

General Commands


Show a quick help on the commands available.


set-prop key value

Sets a property with the given key to value.

Plugin Mapping

add-spa-lib pattern library

Maps the plugin features that match pattern to library. When the system needs a plugin feature

Module Management

load-module [options] name [arguments...]

Load a module specified by its name and arguments. For most modules it is OK to be loaded more than once.

Object Create

create-object [options] factory [arguments...]

Create an object from the specified factory with arguments.


exec program

Execute program. This is usually the session manager.


The PipeWire Developers <https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/issues>; PipeWire is available from http://pipewire.org

See Also

pipewire(1), pw-mon(1),

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