pingd.conf man page

pingd.conf — pingd configuration file


The pingd configuration file configures the pingd daemon.

The default configuration file loaded is /etc/pingd.conf.

The configuration options that can be specified in the configuration file are listed below. Each configuration option must be listed on a separate line. Arguments for an option are separated by any amount of whitespace. Multiple arguments are also separated by whitespace. Comments can be marked by using the pound sign ("#") character, and lines can be continued on the next using backslash ("\").

Pingd Configuration Options

ping_period num
Specify the period time in milliseconds that ICMP pings should be regularly sent out. Default is 15000.
pingd_server_port port
Specify the alternate default port the pingd server should listen for requests off of. Default is 9125.
host string
Specify a host the pingd daemon whould regularly ping. Can be specified as many times as necessary.



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