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paper size specifications


A CSV format list of the paper size specifications used by paper. Each line contains the following fields:


Valid units are: pt (PostScript points), mm, in.

A size may be defined more than once. Only the first definition is normally used. This means that the user's paperspecs file overrides sizes in the system file (see below).

Multiple definitions are also used to allow inexact definitions to be looked up by size. For example, the LC_PAPER mechanism available on some systems defines paper sizes in whole numbers of millimetres, which results in a definition for Letter size that does not exactly match the definition in inches.



System list of paper sizes.


User's list of paper sizes. This is prepended to the system list.


The CSV format is restricted: quotes are not allowed; hence, fields cannot be escaped.


The original list of paper names came from Ghostscript 3.68's


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