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osmium-output-headers - Man Page

Header options that can be set on output files


Most osmium commands that write OSM files can set values in the file header of the OSM file using the --output-header option.

The format generally is --output-header=OPTION=VALUE. For some commands you can use the special format --output-header=OPTION! (ie. an exclamation mark after the OPTION and no value set) to set the value to the same as in the input file. See the individual command man pages for where this is allowed.

Header Options


Set the “generator program” value. Default is “osmium/VERSION”. Can also be set using the --generator option. (XML and PBF files only.)


Value of the upload attribute on the osm XML element (true or false) for use in JOSM. (XML files only.)


Timestamp used in replication (PBF files only).


Sequence number used in replication (PBF files only).


Base URL for change files used in replication (PBF files only).


Set the Sort.Type_then_ID property in the PBF header if set to Type_then_ID. Other values are currently not supported. (PBF files only). Note that this only sets the header option, it does not actually sort the file! Use osmium sort for that.


Copy the file in.osm.pbf to out.osm.pbf setting the generator to myscript:

osmium cat --output-header=generator=myscript -o out.osm.pbf in.osm.pbf

See Also


If you have any questions or want to report a bug, please go to https://osmcode.org/contact.html


Jochen Topf <jochen@topf.org>.

Referenced By

osmium(1), osmium-add-locations-to-ways(1), osmium-apply-changes(1), osmium-cat(1), osmium-changeset-filter(1), osmium-derive-changes(1), osmium-extract(1), osmium-getid(1), osmium-getparents(1), osmium-merge(1), osmium-merge-changes(1), osmium-query-locations-index(1), osmium-removeid(1), osmium-renumber(1), osmium-sort(1), osmium-tags-filter(1), osmium-time-filter(1).