org.bluez.obex.MessageAccess - Man Page

BlueZ D-Bus OBEX MessageAccess API documentation






Object path

[Session object path]


void SetFolder(string name)

Set working directory for current session.

Possible name:

Directory name or '..[/dir]'.

Possible errors:



array{dict} ListFolders(dict filter)

Returns a dictionary containing information about the current folder content.

Possible filter:

uint16 Offset (default 0)

Offset of the first item.

uint16 MaxCount (default 1024)

Maximum number of items.

Possible return:

string Name

Folder name

Possible errors:



array{string} ListFilterFields()

Return all available fields that can be used in Fields filter.

Possible values:

















Possible errors: None

array{object, dict} ListMessages(string folder, dict filter)

Returns an array containing the messages objects found in the given subfolder of the current folder, or in the current folder if folder is empty.

Possible Filters:

uint16 Offset (default 0)

Offset of the first item.

uint16 MaxCount (default 1024):

Maximum number of items.

byte SubjectLength (default 256)

Maximum length of the Subject property in the message.

array{string} Fields

Message fields, default is all values.

See ListFilterFields() for possible values.

array{string} Types

Filter messages by type.

Possible values:




string PeriodBegin

Filter messages by starting period.

Possible values:

Date in "YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS" format.

string PeriodEnd

Filter messages by ending period.

Possible values:

Date in "YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS" format.

boolean Read

Filter messages by read flag.

Possible values:

True for read or False for unread

string Recipient

Filter messages by recipient address.

string Sender

Filter messages by sender address.

boolean Priority

Filter messages by priority flag.

Possible values:

True for high priority or False for non-high priority.

Each message is represented by an object path, which implements org.bluez.obex.Message(5) interface, followed by a dictionary of its properties.

void UpdateInbox(void)

Requests remote to update its inbox.

Possible errors:


object, dict PushMessage(string sourcefile, string folder, dict args)

Transfers a message (in bMessage format) to the remote device.

The message is transferred either to the given subfolder of the current folder, or to the current folder if folder is empty.

Possible args: Transparent, Retry, Charset

The returned path represents the newly created transfer, which should be used to find out if the content has been successfully transferred or if the operation fails.

The properties of this transfer are also returned along with the object path, to avoid a call to GetProperties, see org.bluez.obex.Transfer(5) for the possible list of properties.

Possible errors:




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