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BlueZ D-Bus OBEX Message API documentation






Object path

[Session object path]/message{#}


object, dict Get(string targetfile, boolean attachment)

Download message and store it in the target file.

If an empty target file is given, a temporary file will be automatically generated.

The returned path represents the newly created transfer, which should be used to find out if the content has been successfully transferred or if the operation fails.

The properties of this transfer are also returned along with the object path, to avoid a call to GetProperties, see org.bluez.obex.Transfer(5) for the possible list of properties.

Possible errors:




string Folder [readonly]

Folder which the message belongs to

string Subject [readonly]

Message subject

string Timestamp [readonly]

Message timestamp

string Sender [readonly]

Message sender name

string SenderAddress [readonly]

Message sender address

string ReplyTo [readonly]

Message Reply-To address

string Recipient [readonly]

Message recipient name

string RecipientAddress [readonly]

Message recipient address

string Type [readonly]

Message type

Possible values:





uint64 Size [readonly]

Message size in bytes

string Status [readonly]

Message reception status

Possible values:




boolean Priority [readonly]

Message priority flag

boolean Read [read/write]

Message read flag

boolean Deleted [writeonly]

Message deleted flag

boolean Sent [readonly]

Message sent flag

boolean Protected [readonly]

Message protected flag

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