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org.bluez.ProfileManager - Man Page

BlueZ D-Bus ProfileManager API documentation






Object path



void RegisterProfile(object profile, string uuid, dict options)

Registers profile agent.

The object path defines the path of the profile that will be called when there is a connection and must implement org.bluez.Profile(5) interface.

If an application disconnects from the bus all its registered profiles will be removed.

Possible uuid values:


HFP AG, default profile Version is 1.7, profile Features is 0b001001 and RFCOMM channel is 13. Authentication is required.


HFP HS, default profile Version is 1.7, profile Features is 0b000000 and RFCOMM channel is 7. Authentication is required.


HSP AG, default profile Version is 1.2, RFCOMM channel is 12 and Authentication is required. Does not support any Features, option is ignored.


HSP HS, default profile Version is 1.2, profile Features is 0b0 and RFCOMM channel is 6. Authentication is required. Features is one bit value, specify capability of Remote Audio Volume Control (by default turned off).

"<vendor UUID>"

Vendor defined UUID, no defaults, must set options.

Possible options values:

string Name

Human readable name for the profile

string Service

The primary service class UUID (if different from the actual profile UUID).

string Role

For asymmetric profiles that do not have UUIDs available to uniquely identify each side this parameter allows specifying the precise local role.

Possible values:



uint16 Channel

RFCOMM channel number that is used for client and server UUIDs.

If applicable it will be used in the SDP record as well.

uint16 PSM

PSM number that is used for client and server UUIDs.

If applicable it will be used in the SDP record as well.

boolean RequireAuthentication

Pairing is required before connections will be established. No devices will be connected if not paired.

boolean RequireAuthorization

Request authorization before any connection will be established.

boolean AutoConnect

In case of a client UUID this will force connection of the RFCOMM or L2CAP channels when a remote device is connected.

string ServiceRecord

Provide a manual SDP record.

uint16 Version

Profile version (for SDP record)

uint16 Features

Profile features (for SDP record)

Possible errors:



void UnregisterProfile(object profile)

Unregisters profile object that has been previously registered using RegisterProfile.

The object path parameter must match the same value that has been used on registration.

Possible errors:



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