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Object path

[variable prefix]/{hci0,hci1,...}


void RegisterEndpoint(object endpoint, dict properties)

Register a local end point to sender, the sender can register as many end points as it likes.

Note: If the sender disconnects the end points are automatically unregistered.

possible properties:

string UUID

UUID of the profile which the endpoint is for.

UUID must be in the list of SupportedUUIDS.

byte Codec

Assigned number of codec that the endpoint implements. The values should match the profile specification which is indicated by the UUID.

uint32_t Vendor [Optional]

Vendor-specific Company ID, Codec ID tuple that the endpoint implements.

It shall be set to appropriate value when Vendor Specific Codec (0xff) is used.

array{byte} Capabilities

Capabilities blob, it is used as it is so the size and byte order must match.

array{byte} Metadata [Optional]

Metadata blob, it is used as it is so the size and byte order must match.

Possible Errors:


emitted when interface for the end-point is disabled

void UnregisterEndpoint(object endpoint)

Unregister sender end point.

void RegisterPlayer(object player, dict properties)

Register a media player object to sender, the sender can register as many objects as it likes.

Object must implement at least org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player as defined in MPRIS 2.2 spec:

Note: If the sender disconnects its objects are automatically unregistered.

Possible Errors:



void UnregisterPlayer(object player)

Unregister sender media player.

void RegisterApplication(object root, dict options)

Register endpoints an player objects within root object which must implement ObjectManager.

The application object path together with the D-Bus system bus connection ID define the identification of the application.

Possible errors:



void UnregisterApplication(object application)

This unregisters the services that has been previously registered. The object path parameter must match the same value that has been used on registration.

Possible errors:




array{string} SupportedUUIDs [readonly]

List of 128-bit UUIDs that represents the supported Endpoint registration.


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