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org.bluez.AdvertisementMonitorManager - Man Page

BlueZ D-Bus AdvertisementMonitorManager API documentation


Service         org.bluez Interface       org.bluez.AdvertisementMonitorManager1 [experimental] Object path     /org/bluez/{hci0,hci1,...}


void RegisterMonitor(object application)

Registers the root path of a hierarchy of advertisement monitors implementing org.bluez.AdvertisementMonitor(5).

The application object path together with the D-Bus ystem bus connection ID define the identification of the application registering advertisement monitors.

Once a root path is registered by a client via this method, the client can freely expose/unexpose advertisement monitors without re-registering the root path again. After use, the client should call UnregisterMonitor() method to invalidate the advertisement monitors.

Possible errors:




void UnregisterMonitor(object application)

Unregisters a hierarchy of advertisement monitors that has been previously registered with RegisterMonitor(). The object path parameter must match the same value that has been used on registration.

Upon unregistration, the advertisement monitor(s) should expect to receive Release() method as the signal that the advertisement monitor(s) has been deactivated.

Possible errors:




array{string} SupportedMonitorTypes [read-only]

This lists the supported types of advertisement monitors. An application should check this before instantiate and expose an object of org.bluez.AdvertisementMonitor(5).

Possible values:


Patterns with logic OR applied. With this type, property Patterns must exist and has at least one pattern.

array{string} SupportedFeatures [read-only]

This lists the features of advertisement monitoring supported by bluetoothd(8).

Possible values:


If the controller is capable of performing advertisement monitoring by patterns, bluetoothd(8) would offload the patterns to the controller to reduce power consumption.

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October 2023 BlueZ Linux System Administration