orangefs.conf - Man Page

information about pvfs2 server config files


All pvfs2-server programs will consult two config files to configure themselves. The fs.conf config file has global settings for every server.  The server.conf config file has local overrides for that server.

At this time, the documentation for these files is incomplete -- it's not even started.  Use pvfs2-genconfig(1) to create the config files for the servers.

One useful setting in the fs.conf config file is the EventLogging setting.  This is used to force logging of certain types of information at run time on the pvfs2-server.  A value of none indicates no debugging; a value of verbose will cause a significant amount of debugging information to be produced.  The various other options for this value can be deduced from src/common/misc/pvfs2-debug.c until we document them.


Please report all bugs to the pvfs2 bugzilla (


The PVFS2 development team (

See Also

pvfs2-server(1), pvfs2-genconfig(1)


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