oidentd_masq.conf man page

oidentd_masq.conf — oidentd IP masquerading (NAT) configuration file.


If you are using IP masquerading or NAT, oidentd can optionally return a username for connections from other machines. Support for this is enabled by calling oidentd with the -m (or --masquerade) flag and by creating an /etc/oidentd_masq.conf file. This file is read from top to bottom, and oidentd stops at the first matching entry it encounters.

oidentd can also forward requests for an IP masqueraded connection to the machine from which the connection originates by way of the -f (or --forward) option. This will only work if the host to which the connection is forwarded is running oidentd with the -P (--proxy) flag, or if the host's ident daemon returns a valid reply regardless of the input supplied by and the address of the host sending the request.

When forwarding is enabled with the -f option, oidentd forwards ident queries before reading the IP masquerading configuration file. If this is not desired, the -M (or --masquerade-first) option can be used.


<IP Address|Hostname>[/<Mask>] <Ident Response> <System Type>

The first field contains the IP address or the hostname of a machine that IP masquerades through the machine on which oidentd runs. The mask parameter can be either a network mask or a mask in CIDR notation. A mask of 24 is equivalent to, a mask of 16 is equivalent to, etc.

The second field specifies the reply that oidentd will return for lookups to the host matching the IP address specified in the first parameter.

The third field specifies the operating system the machine matching the first parameter is running.


<Host>[/<Mask>]             <Ident Response>      <System Type>                   someone               UNIX                   noone                 WINDOWS                user1                 UNIX                user2                 UNIX                user3                 UNIX

somehost                      user4                 UNIX     user5                 UNIX


Janik Rabe <oidentd@janikrabe.com>

Originally written by Ryan McCabe <ryan@numb.org>.

See Also

oidentd(8) oidentd.conf(5)

Referenced By

oidentd(8), oidentd.conf(5).

2018-06-13 version 2.3.1