oddjobd-mkhomedir.conf - Man Page

allow limited use of the mkhomedir functions


The /etc/oddjobd.conf.d/oddjobd-mkhomedir.conf is typically processed along with other files in the /etc/oddjobd.conf.d directory.

The mkhomedir helper itself accepts these options:


Refrain from outputting the usual "Creating home directory..." message when it creates a home directory.


Only create the home directory; do not populate it using the contents of the skeleton directory.


Override the location of the skeleton directory (by default: /etc/skel).


Specify a umask whose bits are masked off of contents of the skeleton directory while they are copied to the user's new home directory.  The default is read from /etc/login.defs by taking HOME_MODE and UMASK values, in this order.  First found value persists.

See Also

oddjob.conf(5) login.defs(5)


17 June 2014 oddjob Manual