ncidd.whitelist - Man Page

whitelist file for ncidd hangup


The ncidd.whitelist file contains the expressions to match against a telephone call name or number.

If the hangup option is set and if there is no match in the whitelist file, a match in the blacklist file will cause ncidd to automatically terminate the call.

The ncidd.whitelist file understands 4 types of lines:

blank line:

skip it

comment line:

skip it

entry line:

process it

Entry lines contain one or more expressions and an optional comment. An expression is either a string of non-blank characters or everything between double quotes.  Multiple expressions are separated by spaces. A comment must be last.

Entry line comments are either normal comments or match name comments.

A normal comment begins with a '#' and must not be immediately followed by an equals sign. Anything after the '#' is ignored.

A match comment begins with '#=' and is followed by a name to display for the caller when the entry matches either the number or name of a call. Do not use double quotes around the name.

Example:  ncidd.blacklist: ^999         #= Unwanted Area code
         ncidd.whitelist: 9995550000   #= WHT (999) 555-0000



Blacklist the unassigned 999 area code with and without a leading 1, but allow a call from 999-555-1212:
ncidd.blacklist: ^1?999
ncidd.whitelist: 9995551212

Whitelist expression for an optional leading 1 (US/Canada only):

See Also

ncidd(8), ncidd.conf(5), ncidd.alias(5), ncidd.blacklist(5)

Referenced By

cidalias(1), hangup-calls(1), hangup-closed-skel(1), hangup-combo-skel(1), hangup-fakenum(1), hangup-fcc(1), hangup-greylist(1), hangup-message-skel(1), hangup-nohangup(1), hangup-skel(1), ncidd(8), ncidd.alias(5), ncidd.blacklist(5), ncidd.conf(5), ncid_recordings(7), ncidutil(1).

2019-08-17 NCID