ncidd.blacklist man page

ncidd.blacklist — blacklist file for ncidd hangup


The ncidd.blacklist file contains the expressions to match against a telephone call name or number.

If the hangup option is set and if there is no match in the whitelist file, a match in the blacklist file will cause ncidd to automatically terminate the call.

The ncidd.blacklist file understands 4 types of lines:

blank line:
skip it
comment line:
skip it
entry line:
process it

Entry lines contain one or more expressions and an optional comment. An expression is either a string of non-blank characters or everything between double quotes. Multiple expressions are separated by spaces. A comment must be last.

Entry line comments are either normal comments or match name comments.

A normal comment begins with a '#' and must not be immediately followed by an equals sign. Anything after the '#' is ignored.

A match name comment begins with '#=' and is followed by a name to display for the caller when the entry matches either the number or name of a call. Do not use double quotes around the name.

Example: 407-555-5670 #= Unwanted Marketing Call


Each expression is compared to the caller name and number.
Upper and lower case letters are significant.
The number must be a string of digits as they appear in /var/log/cidcall.log.
A leading '1' is required if it is in /var/log/cidcall.log.
A partial name or number can match.
If regular expressions are used (regex = 1):
* POSIX Extended Regular Expression Syntax.…
* Introduction to Regular Expressions…
A '^' at the beginning of an expression means it must match at the start of a name or number.
A "^1?" at the beginning makes a leading 1 optional. This is only useful for US/Canadian numbers.
If an expression is longer than the name or number field it will never match.


Blacklist the unassigned 999 area code with and without a leading 1


Blacklist callers with the name "BAD MARKETING":


Blacklist anything with "MARKETING" in the name:


Blacklist a caller name and a different caller number on one line:

Ogre 13215551212

See Also

ncidd.8, ncidd.conf.5, ncidd.alias.5, ncidd.whitelist.5