ncidd.alias - Man Page

NCID Server Alias File


The ncidd.alias file contains the alias information for ncidd, the NCID Server.  It contains the aliases for Caller ID names and numbers.  It also contains the aliases for telephone line identifiers.

The ncidd.alias file understands 3 types of lines:

blank line: ignored
comment line, beginning with '#': ignored
alias line: processed

   alias [NMBR|NAME] ["]FROM["] = ["]TO["] [if ["]VALUE["]]
   alias [LINE] ["]FROM["] = ["]TO["
        where  NMBR, NAME or LINE is a KEYWORD
               FROM is a CID string:
                    can be a '*' (match everything) when using if
               TO is the alias for the FROM string
               VALUE is a NAME if KEYWORD = NMBR
               VALUE is a NMBR if KEYWORD = NAME
                     can contain a '^' (partial match from beginning)
               VALUE is a LINE if KEYWORD = LINE


Change OUT-OF-AREA to UNAVAILABLE in both name and number fields:

Change OUT-OF-AREA to UNAVAILABLE in the name field only:

Change any name to a specific name for a phone number:
alias NAME * = "John on cell" if 4075551212

Change any name to a specific name matching the beginning of a phone number
alias NAME * = "Toll Free" if ^800

Mask a phone number:
alias NMBR 4075551212 = "----------"

The default line indicator for a POTS line is "-".  The ncid client will not display the "-" indicator.  To display 'POTS' for a POTS line:
alias LINE - = POTS

To not display a gateway line indicator, change it from the one received a '-'.  If the line indicator is '1122':
alias LINE 1122 = -

Change any line indicator to VOIP.  Be careful to place this after a POTS line indicator if a POTS line is also present:
alias LINE * = VOIP

See Also

ncidd(8), ncidd.conf(5), ncidd.blacklist(5), ncidd.whitelist(5)

Referenced By

cidalias(1), cidupdate(1), ncidd(8), ncidd.blacklist(5), ncidd.conf(5), ncidd.greylist(5), ncidd.whitelist(5), ncidutil(1).

2019-08-17 NCID