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ncid2ncid.conf - Man Page

ncid2ncid configuration file


The ncid2ncid.conf file contains the configuration information for ncid2ncid, the NCID to NCID gateway.

The ncid2ncid.conf file is used to set options. Options can also be set on a command line. A line is broken up into words. A word is either a string of non-blank characters, everything between double quotes, or an equal sign.

The ncid2ncid.conf file understands 3 types of lines:

blank line


comment line, beginning with '#'


command lines, beginning with 'set'

   set ITEM = VALUE [ITEM = VALUE] [...]
       where ITEM = pidfile, verbose, HostnameFlag, tohost,
                    toport, fromhost?, fromport?
                    (? is a digit sequence number)


Set the verbose level to 2
set verbose = 2

Set the first sending host to using the default port
set fromhost1 =

Set the second sending host to ncidhost.home using the default port
set fromhost2 = ncidhost.home:3334

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