mysql-zrm-reporter.conf man page

mysql-zrm-reporter.conf(5) mysql-zrm-reporter.conf(5)

mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--rreeppoorrtteerr..ccoonnff - Configuration file for ZRM reporter for MySQL


ZRM for MySQL reporter utility reads the mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--rreeppoorrtteerr..ccoonnff con-
figuration file. The configuration file specifies report format for
each backup parameter. The reporter utility will use default format
for the parameter if the configuration file is not found.

Syntax for all mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--rreeppoorrtteerr..ccoonnff parameters.

All parameters except bbaacckkuupp--ddaattee are specified as

_p_a_r_a_m_e_t_e_r = _W_i_d_t_h,_A_l_i_g_n_m_e_n_t

bbaacckkuupp--ddaattee can have an additional format specifier.

_b_a_c_k_u_p_-_d_a_t_e = _W_i_d_t_h,_A_l_i_g_n_m_e_n_t,_f_o_r_m_a_t

The ffoorrmmaatt specifier uses the same specification conventions used by
FORMAT controls documented in ddaattee(1) command.

All parameters are optional and have default values.

White space is ignored unless enclosed within quotes. All lines begin-
ning with # treated as comments; in other words, they are ignored.

The _p_a_r_a_m_e_t_e_r is the backup run parameter name. _W_i_d_t_h is the number of
characters to be displayed for that field. If the value does not fit in
the specified width, the value will be wrap around into multiple lines
in the report. _A_l_i_g_n_m_e_n_t specifies alignment for field value in the
backup reports. _V_a_l_u_e<< displays field value with left justification, >>
means right justification and || means center justification. Descrip-
tion of parameter names can be found in mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--rreeppoorrtteerr(1) and
Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL manual at http://mysql-

Reporter configuration file

mysql-zrm-reporter(1), date(1), Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL

Zmanda Inc. (

Zmanda, Inc. ZRM for MySQL mysql-zrm-reporter.conf(5)

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