mfstopology.cfg - Man Page

LizardFS network topology definitions


The file mfstopology.cfg contains assignments of IP addresses into network locations (usually switch numbers). This file is optional. If your network has one switch or decreasing traffic between switches is not necessary then leave this file empty.


Syntax is:


Lines starting with # character are ignored.

ADDRESS can be specified in several forms:

SWITCH-NUMBER can be specified as any positive 32-bit numer.


If one IP belongs to more than one definition then last definition is used.

As for now distance between switches is constant. So distance between machines is calculated as: 0 when IP numbers are the same, 1 when IP numbers are different, but switch numbers are the same and 2 when switch numbers are different

Distances are used only to sort chunkservers during read and write operations. New chunks are still created randomly. Also rebalance routines do not take distances into account.

See Also

mfsmaster(8), mfsmaster.cfg(5)

Referenced By

mfsmaster(8), mfsmaster.cfg(5).