labwc-theme - Man Page

Theme specification


The theme engine aims to be compatible with openbox and themes will be searched for in the following order:

  • ${XDG_DATA_HOME:-$HOME/.local/share}/themes/<theme-name>/openbox-3/
  • $HOME/.themes/<theme-name>/openbox-3/
  • /usr/share/themes/<theme-name>/openbox-3/
  • /usr/local/share/themes/<theme-name>/openbox-3/
  • /opt/share/themes/<theme-name>/openbox-3/

Choosing a theme is done by editing the <name> key in the <theme> section of the rc.xml configuration file (labwc-config(5)).

A theme consists of a themerc file and optionally some xbm icons.

Data Types

color RGB values

Colors can be specified by hexadecimal RGB values in the format #rrggbb. Other formats will be supported later for better openbox theme compatibility.


Justification determines the horizontal alignment of text. Valid options are Left, Center and Right.

Theme Elements


Line width (integer) of border border drawn around window frames. Default is 1.


Vertical padding size, used for spacing out elements in the window decorations. Default is 3.


Horizontal overlap in pixels between submenus and their parents. A positive value move submenus over the top of their parents, whereas a negative value creates a gap between submenus and their parents. Default is 0.


Vertical offset in pixels between submenus and their parents. Positive values for downwards and negative for upwards. Default is 0.

Border color of active window


Border color of inactive window

Background color for the focussed window's titlebar

Background color for non-focussed windows' titlebars

Text color for the focussed window's titlebar


Text color non-focussed windows' titlebars


Specifies how window titles are aligned in the titlebar for both focused and unfocused windows. Type justification. Default Left.

Color of the images in titlebar buttons in their default, unpressed, state. This element is for the focused window.


Color of the images in titlebar buttons in their default, unpressed, state. This element is for non-focused windows.

Note: The button elements (i.e. window.[in]active.button.*) support defining different types of buttons individually by inserting the type ("iconify", "max" and "close") after the button node. For example: This syntax is not not documented on the wiki, but is supported by openbox and is used by many popular themes. For the sake of brevity, these elements are not listed here, but are supported.

Background color of inactive menu items


Text color of inactive menu item

Background color of active menu items

Text color of active menu item

Background color of on-screen-display


Text color of on-screen-display


Set all border colors. This is obsolete, but supported for backward compatibility as some themes still contain it.


The images used for the titlebar buttons are 1-bit xbm (X Bitmaps). These are masks where 0=clear and 1=colored. The xbm image files are placed in the same directory within your theme as the themerc file. Here are all the possible xbm files looked for:

  • max.xbm
  • iconify.xbm
  • close.xbm

More will be supported later.


The handle is the window edge decoration at the bottom of the window.

Derived Dimensions

The window title bar height is equal to the vertical font extents of the title. Padding will be added to this later.

See Also

labwc(1), labwc-config(5), labwc-actions(5)

Referenced By

labwc(1), labwc-actions(5), labwc-config(5), labwc-menu(5).