labwc-menu - Man Page

menu files


Static menus are built based on content of XML files located at "~/.config/labwc" and equivalent XDG Base Directories.


The menu file must be entirely enclosed within <openbox_menu> and </openbox_menu> tags.  Inside these tags, menus are specified as follows:

  <menu id="">

  <!-- A menu entry with an action, for example to execute an application -->
  <item label="">

  <!-- A submenu defined elsewhere -->
  <menu id="" />

  <!-- Horizontal line >
  <separator />

  <!-- An inline submenu -->
  <menu id="" label="">
    ...some content...


Each menu must be given an id, which is a unique identifier of the menu. This id is used to refer to the menu in a ShowMenu action.  Default identifiers are "client-menu" for the titlebar context menu and "root-menu"  for the root window context menu.  Available localisation for the default "client-menu" is only shown if no "client-menu" is present in menu.xml.


The title of the menu, shown in its parent. A label must be given when defining a menu.


The visible name of the menu item.


See labwc-action(5). Note: XML CDATA is supported for this node in order to maintain compatibility with obmenu-generator.


Horizontal line.

See Also

labwc(1), labwc-action(5), labwc-config(5), labwc-theme(5)

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