labwc-config - Man Page



The configuration aims to be compatible with openbox specification, but there are some differences which are pointed out throughout the man pages.

Adhering to XDG Base Directory Specification, configuration files will be searched for in the following order:

  • ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/labwc
  • ${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS:-/etc/xdg}/labwc


This section contains settings which are not present in Openbox.

<lab><xdg_shell_server_side_deco> [yes|no]

Use server side decorations for xdg-shell views where it is possible to turn off client side decorations. Default is yes.



The name of the Openbox theme to use. Default is Clearlooks-3.4

<theme><font place="">

The font to use for a specific element of a window, menu or OSD. Place can be any of:

  • ActiveWindow - titlebar of active window
<theme><font place=""><name>

Describes font name. Default is sans.

<theme><font place=""><size>

Font size in pixels. Default is 8.


<keyboard><keybind key="">

Define a key binding in the format modifier-key, where supported modifiers include S (shift); C (control); A (alt); W (super). Unlike Openbox, multiple space-separated key combinations and key-chains are not supported.

<keyboard><keybind key=""><action name="">

Keybind action. See labwc-action(5)

Default if no rc.xml is found:

    <keybind key="A-Escape">
      <action name="Exit"/>
    <keybind key="A-Tab">
      <action name="NextWindow"/>
    <keybind key="A-F3">
      <action name="Execute">

See Also

labwc(1), labwc-actions(5), labwc-theme(5)

Referenced By

labwc(1), labwc-actions(5), labwc-theme(5).