labwc-actions - Man Page



Actions are used in menus and keyboard/mouse bindings.

<action name="Close">

Close top-most window.

<action name="Kill">

Kill the process associated with the current window by sending it the SIGTERM signal.

<action name="Execute" command="value" />

Execute command.  Note that in the interest of backward compatibility, labwc supports <execute> as an alternative to <command> even though openbox documentation states that it is deprecated.

<action name="Exit">

Exit labwc.

<action name="Focus">

Give focus to window under cursor.

<action name="Raise">

Restack the current window above other open windows.

<action name="Lower">

Restack the current window below other open windows.

<action name="Iconify">

Iconify (minimize) focused window.

<action name="Move">

Begin interactive move of window under cursor

<action name="MoveToEdge" direction="value" />

Move window to edge of outputs. Understands directions "left", "up", "right" and "down".

<action name="Resize">

Begin interactive resize of window under cursor

<action name="SnapToEdge" direction="value" />

Resize window to fill half the output in the given direction. Supports directions "left", "up", "right", "down" and "center".

<action name="SnapToRegion" region="value" />

Resize and move active window according to the given region. See labwc-config(5) for further information on how to define regions.

<action name="NextWindow">

Cycle focus to next window.

<action name="PreviousWindow">

Cycle focus to previous window.

<action name="Reconfigure">

Re-load configuration and theme files.

<action name="ShowMenu" menu="value" />

Show menu. Valid menu names are "root-menu" and "client-menu".

<action name="ToggleDecorations">

Toggle decorations of focused window.

<action name="ToggleFullscreen">

Toggle fullscreen state of focused window.

<action name="ToggleMaximize">

Toggle maximize state of focused window.

<action name="Maximize">

Maximize focused window.

<action name="ToggleAlwaysOnTop">

Toggle always-on-top of focused window.

<action name="ToggleKeybinds">

Stop handling keybinds other than ToggleKeybinds itself. This can be used to allow A-Tab and similar keybinds to be delivered to Virtual Machines, VNC clients or nested compositors. A second call will restore all original keybinds.

<action name="FocusOutput" output="HDMI-A-1" />

Give focus to topmost window on given output and warp the cursor to the center of the window. If the given output does not contain any windows, the cursor is centered on the given output.

<action name="GoToDesktop" to="value" />

Switch to workspace.

to The workspace to switch to. Supported values are "last", "left", "right" or the full name of a workspace or its index (starting at 1) as configured in rc.xml.

<action name="SendToDesktop" to="value" follow="yes" />

Send active window to workspace.

to The workspace to send the window to. Supported values are the same as for GoToDesktop.

follow [yes|no] Also switch to the specified workspace. Default yes.

<action name="None">

If used as the only action for a binding: clear an earlier defined binding.

See Also

labwc(1), labwc-config(5), labwc-theme(5)

Referenced By

labwc(1), labwc-config(5), labwc-theme(5).