kyua-tester-result man page

kyua-tester-result — Result files created by the Kyua testers


result_type[: result_reason]


The ‘test’ subcommand of the various Kyua testers creates a file describing the result of the execution of a single test case.

The result file contains the type of the result and, optionally, a textual description explaining what caused the given result. The description is separated from the type by a colon-space character pair.

The result type may be any of the following:


The test case did not follow the conventions of the test interface correctly and therefore it is considered to be broken. This includes a test case timing out.


The test case raised an error but such error was expected. The tester will repor the test as passed.


The test case raised an error.


The test case passed successfully.


The test case was not executed because some preconditions were not met. This is considered as a successful result.

See Also

kyua-atf-tester(1), kyua-plain-tester(1)

Referenced By

kyua-atf-tester(1), kyua-tester(1).

December 26, 2012