kismet_drone.conf man page

kismet_drone.conf — Wireless sniffing and monitoring drone configuration file


kismet_drone uses a minimalized configuration file, similar in options to the main kismet server configuration file.  By default, the drone config is in /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf.  A default configuration is included with Kismet but it is likely you will need to modify it to suit your hardware and preferences.

Configuration File Format

All entries are of the format directive = value

Configuration Values

"include" (string) Include another config file.

"servername" (string) Name of this Kismet drone server.  This is purely for information in  multiple server systems.

"suiduser" (string) User to switch privileges to after binding to the capture.

"tcpport" (int) Port to serve streamed packet data

"allowedhosts" (string) Comma-separated list of IPs or network/mask pairs.  Masks can be expressed as dotted quads (/ or as numbers (/24)

"maxclient" (int) Maximum number of simultaneously connected clients

"source" (string) Comma-separated packet source (cardtype,interface,name).  Multiple source lines can be defined, refer to the enablesources config line for more details.

"enablesources" (string) Comma-separated list of source names (defined previously in the source lines) to enable.  This is only needed if you wish to selectively enable multiple sources.  For example:



Card Types and Multiple Capture Sources

kismet_drone supports the same sources and options as the core Kismet server.  For details on supported capture types and how to define multiple capture sources, see kismet.conf(5).

See Also

kismet_drone(1), kismet.conf(5), kismet_ui.conf(5), gpsmap(1), kismet(1)

Referenced By

kismet(1), kismet.conf(5), kismet_drone(1).

Feb 24, 2003