iwd.ap - Man Page

Configuration of IWD access point


iwd.ap - Access point provisioning files


Description of access point provisioning files.


An access point provisioning files define the configuration of an IWD access point. These files live in $STATE_DIRECTORY/ap (/var/lib/iwd/ap by default).

File Format

See iwd.network for details on the file format.


The settings are split into several categories.  Each category has a group associated with it and described in separate tables below.

Network Authentication Settings

The group [Security] contains settings for Wi-Fi security and authentication configuration.

Passphrase8..63 character string

Passphrase to be used with this access point.

DHCP Server Settings

The group [IPv4] contains settings for IWD's built in DHCP server. All settings are optional.

AddressIP Address of AP

Optional address for the DHCP server/access point. If provided this address will be set on the AP interface and any other DHCP server options will be derived from this address, unless they are overriden inside the AP profile. If [IPv4].Address is not provided and no IP address is set on the interface prior to calling StartProfile the IP pool will be used.
GatewayIP Address of gateway

IP address of gateway. This will inherit from [IPv4].Address if not provided.
NetmaskNetmask of DHCP server

This will be generated from [IPv4].Address if not provided.
DNSListList of DNS servers

A list of DNS servers which will be advertised by the DHCP server. If not provided no DNS servers will be sent by the DHCP server.
LeaseTimeTime limit for DHCP leases

Override the default lease time.
IPRangeRange of IPs to use for the DHCP server

If not provided a default range will be chosen which is the DHCP server address + 1 to 254.

See Also

iwd(8), iwd.network(5)


James Prestwood <prestwoj@gmail.com>


20 October 2020 iwd Linux Connectivity